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23 December 2010 @ 10:35 pm
12 Days of Christmas update  
Ok, so I am busier than I intended to be, and I know a lot of you people are too. So, do you think it would be easier to have the 12 days of Christmas crammed into one day (posts spanning several days and backdated and such)? Like, each person can pick a day's gifts to be spammed with, and the characters that get people-centered gifts will end up drawing in anyone who comes near them (ex- Day nine person will have the strange effect of causing any female characters they approach to begin dancing).

If this sounds too complicated, we can have numerous days, but this might be easier with holiday travel plans and such.

So, if you would like, I will post the twelve days and you can sign your characters up for any one you'd like.

Day One- (dead) partridge in a (bare) pear tree- LAB
Day Two- two turtle-dove mutant hybrids (think turtles with wings or shelly birds)- HAKKAI
Day Three- three French hens (idk, maybe they can speak French or something)- OPEN
Day Four- four calling birds- NOA
Day Five- five golden rings (that may summon Nazguls) OPEN
Day Six-six geese of laying (narcoleptic, perhaps?)-OPEN
Day Seven-seven swans of swimming-SAI
Day EIght- eight maids of milking (cows appear and young ladies feel compelled to attempt to milk them)-OPEN
Day Nine-nine ladies dancing (female characters approached begin to dance)- FRAU
Day Ten- ten lords of leaping (male characters approached begin to jump around)- MAO
Day Eleven- eleven pipers piping (characters attempt to pipe, whistle, hum, etc)- OPEN
Day Twelve- twelve drummers drumming (compulsive drumming)-AMARU

So, yes, sign up if you wish. Days left unclaimed will either happen to my other characters or will be assumed to happen to NPCs, I guess.
The Undertaker: booksundertaking4u on December 25th, 2010 07:51 pm (UTC)
Cools. Consider it done.